Harvesting Happiness

The school year is underway and you are already feeling stress, tension, and negativity creeping in. You want a better balance between work and home, yet it feels unmanageable. The Harvesting Happiness workshop will inspire, inform and support you or your employees with their unique self-care efforts, while giving them concrete tools to cope with the varying life and work stressors they are faced with. During this two-hour interactive journaling workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

Complete a self-care assessment that considers the physical, emotional, psychological dimensions of wellness

Practice intention setting and reflective journaling

Explore identification and assertive communication of needs

Practice positive self talk exercise promoting choice of action

Engage in self-care and replenishment through journaling, mindfulness exercises, and effective goal setting This workshop provides participants with an inspiring, compassionate invitation to look closely into the heart of self-care as a pathway to both personal and professional satisfaction and well being, while also contributing to an overall culture of health in the workplace. Teaching methods: Through self-assessment, storytelling, reflective journal writing, guided mindfulness and coaching
tools, participants will engage in self-care, reduce stress and increase self-awareness for both personal and professional growth and well being. Benefits of this Workshop for Participants:

Discover how to use journal writing as a tool for organization, manageable goal setting, gratitude, and emotion regulation

Active practice of mindfulness through a mindful eating exercise

Connect with peers and colleagues in a meaningful way

Experience a sense of renewal and inspiration - this workshop is like a mini-retreat!

Gift bag with treats and tools for continued practice 


**For more information on how to bring this workshop to your school, please contact meredith@beckjoslyn.com**