Local Event:

I often suggest yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice as tools with clients and am excited to recommend a mindfulness retreat offered by a colleague: A Mindful Walk in the Woods.  The retreat is offered monthly on the first Saturday of the month from June through September.  

August 26, 2017

Thank you for visiting my website.  

As I am experiencing a high volume of requests at this time, I am not scheduling new intakes for at least 12 weeks, pushing new client appointments into December (or more likely January). With this time table in mind it is my recommendation that you look at the list of recommended colleagues I offer to explore other options for support. If you feel that you are able to wait until to begin your work and that you specifically want to work with me, please be in touch.  If you have a scheduled intake there is always a chance that I can see you sooner if I have a cancellation come in.

Please note that when I return calls my outgoing line may come up on caller ID as "Unavailable" or "Restricted".  I make every attempt to return phone calls and emails promptly but as I want to make time to speak with each caller there will likely be an extended delay in my call back time due to the high volume of calls right now.  


Fee Schedule Changes

Please note that there was be a fee increase as of 4/1/17.  Additional information can be found here